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Liver GO slim
ID Liver disease SWISS_PROT Name Gene names Description OMIM RepProAc
511 Hepatitis VAPA_HUMAN VAPA Vesicle-associated membrane protein-associated protein a isoform 1. IPI00374657
512 Hepatitis IF4G1_HUMAN EIF4G1 Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma, 1 isoform 2. IPI00384463
513 Hepatitis CLC4M_HUMAN CLEC4M Isoform 1 of c-type lectin domain family 4 member m. IPI00385903
514 Hepatitis CD209_HUMAN CD209 Isoform 2 of cd209 antigen. 607948 IPI00410289
515 Hepatitis IF4G1_HUMAN EIF4G1 Isoform 2 of eukaryotic translation initiation factor 4 gamma 1. IPI00442069
516 Hepatitis GUAD_HUMAN GDA Guanine deaminase. IPI00465184
517 Hepatitis 1C15_HUMAN HLA-C Hla class i histocompatibility antigen, cw-15 alpha chain precursor. IPI00471951
518 Hepatitis 1C02_HUMAN HLA-C Hla class i histocompatibility antigen, cw-2 alpha chain precursor. IPI00472605
519 Hepatitis 1C17_HUMAN HLA-C Hla class i histocompatibility antigen, cw-17 alpha chain precursor. IPI00473006
520 Hepatitis 1C06_HUMAN HLA-C Hla class i histocompatibility antigen, cw-6 alpha chain precursor. IPI00473131
521 Hepatitis TRI22_HUMAN TRIM22 Isoform 1 of tripartite motif-containing protein 22. IPI00477812
522 Hepatitis MCRS1_HUMAN MCRS1 Isoform 1 of microspherule protein 1. IPI00479000
523 Hepatitis 19 kda protein. IPI00640416
524 Hepatitis 21 kda protein. IPI00644034
525 Hepatitis DDX58_HUMAN DDX58 Isoform 1 of probable atp-dependent rna helicase ddx58. IPI00654731
526 Hepatitis PTN11_HUMAN PTPN11 Isoform 1 of tyrosine-protein phosphatase non-receptor type 11. 151100;163950;163955 IPI00658023
527 Hepatitis KI2L3_HUMAN KIR2DL3 Isoform 1 of killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor 2dl3 precursor. IPI00719576
528 Hepatitis 1C16_HUMAN HLA-C Isoform 1 of hla class i histocompatibility antigen, cw-16 alpha chain precursor. IPI00745649
529 Hepatitis IL7RA_HUMAN IL7R Similar to interleukin-7 receptor alpha chain precursor. 608971;612595 IPI00788193
530 Hepatitis 44 kda protein. IPI00789627
531 Hepatitis HS90A_HUMAN HSP90AA1 Protein. IPI00789847
532 Hepatitis HS90A_HUMAN HSP90AA1 Full-length cdna clone cs0cap007yf18 of thymus of homo sapiens. IPI00796844
533 Hepatitis 29 kda protein. IPI00796985
534 Hepatitis CASP8_HUMAN CASP8 Isoform 9 of caspase-8 precursor. 211980;607271 IPI00220726
535 Hepatitis CP2C9_HUMAN CYP2C9 Cytochrome p450 2c9. IPI00007219
536 Hepatitis AIP_HUMAN AIP Ah receptor-interacting protein. IPI00010460
537 Hepatitis TFR1_HUMAN TFRC Transferrin receptor protein 1. IPI00022462
538 Hepatitis HMGB1_HUMAN HMGB1 High mobility group protein b1. IPI00419258
539 Hepatitis Q5T7C6_HUMAN HMGB1 High-mobility group box 1. IPI00645948
540 Hepatitis RASK_HUMAN KRAS Isoform 2a of gtpase kras. 115150;601626;607785 IPI00423568